Fall into Deep Cleaning

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Deep cleaning isn't only during the Spring Time. We've recently deep cleaned our offices from all of the summer pollen and allergens, and we are ready to welcome in a new season. The summer brings long nights and laughter, but don't forget the sand from the beach and bugs, if you live in the south like us. A quarterly deep clean is recommended at the beginning of each new season, to purge the old and welcome the new. Below you will find our tips to really deep clean those spaces.

Top to Bottom

To begin with, mix one gallon of hot water with a tablespoon of Branch Basics concentrate, which is completely plant-based and non-toxic, and also use another bucket of clean water. Make sure you rinse the dirty rag in the clean water then re-dip in the cleaning bucket. This way you can easily clean your dirty water without having to remake and waste your cleaning solution bucket. Grab a clean rag and start wiping the top of whatever room you're in. I usually begin with the kitchen being that is the most used area of our home. I like to tackle the most difficult, intensive clean first. If you're in the kitchen like me, start wiping those cabinet doors. Take everything out, one cabinet at a time. Vacuum the cabinet first, so you don't create a mud when using your wet cloth, then wipe each shelf. Do this for every shelf, every cabinet. Take everything off of the counters and scrub, working your way down to the floor. The top to bottom method works to push dirt and crumbs along so you don't re-dirty a space you've already cleaning. Be sure to do the same to your fridge, taking each item out, wiping the shelves, throwing out expired products, and reorganizing when putting the items back. I like to take Dr. Bronner's soap to my countertops and scrub with a bristle brush. Our countertops get some heavy use and need extra elbow grease. Save the vacuuming for the very end.


Oh man, blinds are difficult. Start with vacuuming the blinds, each and every one. Then scrub them individually with your cleaning cloth and Branch Basics solution. You will have to change out your water bucket a few times with this category. Elbow grease is key. I promise your house will feel so much better once this is complete. It is amazing how much our blinds store. Just remember that when you're cursing me under your breath. I like to do this task towards the beginning of the cleaning process so everything else seems so simple to accomplish after that beast of a job.


Start with the top to bottom method. Take items out of drawers, vacuum, wipe, then fold clothing neatly and place back into the drawers. Remember, we are deeeeeep cleaning. When going through your drawers and closets to clean, I always like to use this time to declutter. I carry a trash bag from room to room and toss unwanted items. Check for holes in the socks, underwear that has seen better days, and clothes that no longer bring you joy. Make it a challenge that when you clear off your dresser and side table, find homes for clutter and leave them minimal. This will bring you so much joy! Oh, did you throw those sheets in the wash? Go ahead and do that. Wash that comforter too, and the bedskirt if you have one. I like to wash the comforter and bedskirt together, then the sheets in the next load so that I can easily assemble the bed back together without having to wait. On deeeeeeep cleaning days, I like to make the beds in a "turn-down service" type of way. It makes it easier for me to crawl into bed that night, weak from exhaustion, and makes it feel a bit more special. Remember, don't vacuum until we are completely done.


Top to bottom. You know the drill. For the tub, sink, and toilet, I like to use Bon Ami. It is also non-toxic. I use my bristle scrub brush and elbow grease to remove grime. And a toilet brush for that area, of course. Scrub the side of your tub, clean the mirrors, wipe down the walls, and take everything out of the cabinets like before. Vacuum and wipe the cabinet, then fold the towels all the same way so they look nice and neat. If your sheets are finished in the wash, throw on a load of towels. I like to use a Downy ball full of vinegar to soften them a bit during the wash cycle. Be sure to wash your robes! For grout, I use Branch Basics Oxygen Boost and concentrate mixed together, then scrub unto the grout. It is time consuming, but no toxins are worth it. If you have tile floor as well, go ahead and vacuum this one room, twice, then grout scrub as well. Leave the grout alone while you go to the next room. Be sure to come back and rinse after 30 minutes or longer!

The Finish

Do the top to bottom method for every other room. Wipe down furniture, mirrors, book shelves, removing items and vacuuming first. Use a clean rag and light scrub your walls with the Branch Basics and water solution. Make sure your rinse bucket is clean. Finally, you can vacuum those floors. I usually vacuum each room twice. I also use this time to spot clean any carpet stains. Wipe down every door, front and back. Go through your fridge and pantry to make sure all expired products are tossed. Steam mop your floors using water and vinegar. I personally use the Shark steam mop. Finish all of your laundry, make the beds back to normal, then pour yourself a glass of wine. You deserve it.

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