a savannah family heirloom

Traditional and eclectic, Dixie is a gentle mix between was and is. A father's eye for classic souvenirs gently complemented by a daughter's desire for artful gifts, there is an assortment to offer all. It's about capturing our city in her best light from all sides. Dixie Postcards (owned by Ben) and Giftware by Dixie (owned by Amanda) are both featured together for the first time.

Whether it's the collection of illustrated map items, line art minimalist skyline, moonshine whimsy, or classic tabletop books, there is a simply quality of heirloom elegance. Started by Amanda's grandfather in 1947, the business has endured many growths, pivots, and steps both forward and back. Now, we offer all of our very best to you in our online market. Our stockist handle the downtown scene and can be found on our site. We encourage you to visit these local gems while visiting Savannah.


Located in the heart of Savannah, Dixie is nestled on a private acre with a chicken coop or two, two houses steeped in family history turned into office space, and an always moving faux owl to warn away chicken hawks. It's a place to see and visit, however long you have. Come for a cup of coffee, to see products in person, or simply chase Andy Griffith, our rooster.