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Meet Ben

BEN BOUGHT THE FAMILY BUSINESS back in 1987, forty years after Mac started Dixie News Company. Before then, he grew up in his own family’s business, selling RVs and truck caps on the property next to where his office sits today. Working in his father’s business, he learned handwork paid off and if you weren’t tired at the end of the day, then you didn’t work hard enough.

The early years of Dixie saw newspapers and postcards. When Ben bought the business, he and Cynthia, his wife & Mac’s daughter, decided to carve their own path. They began to expand the existing postcard, guidebook, and map inventory and added souvenir related items. He turned suppliers into family friends, building his product lines and creating artwork specializing in Savannah. In the nineties, he had the idea to collage historic houses and icons of the city into one view. This would become our classic signature series, one we still use today.

Cynthia has always had a keen eye for detail. Knowing this trait, Ben would have Cynthia proof every item, checking every word before any product was approved. This lead to the business winning the best book category for the Romantic View table book. Both the soft and hard copy are still in production and one of the top sellers.

Ben has been in business for over thirty years, and the credit to his success is obvious. In working with his father, from a young age he put in long hours. He learned business skills to help assist his father; customer service and salesmanship. He developed a fire for self-success and always took a difficult road instead of it being handed to him. All of this translated into being an entrepreneur, having what it took to completely transform a small newspaper business and turn it into a successful souvenir business. Ben takes pride to ensure his customers get delivery as soon as possible. No matter how big his inventory has grown, he has kept his same hometown values and standards. He relies on pen and paper over a computer, and rather have a coke and hamburger for lunch so he can get back to work quickly. Customers’ needs comes first, because he cares. Their success translates into his success, but more importantly, their happiness translate into friendship. It is safe to say that Ben doesn’t have customers, he has friends who own gift shops in Savannah. That alone speaks volumes to his character and why people smile when this tall man in the boat shoes comes strolling in with his dolly.

Thank you for supporting our small family business, giving us so many years to be thankful for. We look forward to continue upholding our same values and standards while making you smile.

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