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A Letter from the Creative Director

SOMETIMES IT CAN FEEL LIKE THE WORLD is telling us there is a specific path we should take in life to ensure happiness and success. We are reminded often we should be working harder, longer, and that struggling is a sign of accomplishment. We glorify busy, as if doing everything on our own will help us in the long run. We should want something different than our parents, to make our own way in the world and work until we find our break. I followed this course, seeking knowledge in different technical studies, one program after another, trying to avoid working at the family business I’ve come to know all too well.

But while the list of all I tried to accomplish on my own terms is long, the family business called out to me like a gravitational pull. The world told me to fly the nest, and do something completely different from what I had known. Only then will I find personal contentment. But the opposite happened.

When starting my own line of giftware, it was at that moment my calling became clear. Exploring my interests of architectural drafting further confirmed my love for design, which quickly showed in my ideas for gift items. Remembering who I was during those summers at my father’s office brought comfort, joy, and pure happiness. Growing my business and paving out my own mark in Savannah on the same property that my father had done before me gave me a sense of pride I couldn’t obtain when chasing after what the world told me to be.

However it looks to you, I hope you’ll join me in creating spaces for ourselves of what happiness and joy looks like individually. Follow your interests and see how they manifest into your career or hobbies. Down the road when we look back, every decision we have made lays out our own perfectly imperfect road to happiness and success. Thank you for letting me so graciously find mine and supporting our small family business.



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