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  • Meet Ben

    BEN BOUGHT THE FAMILY BUSINESS back in 1987, forty years after Mac started Dixie News Company. Before then, he grew up in his own family’s business, selling RVs and truck caps on the property next to where his office sits today. Working in his father’s business, he learned handwork paid off and if you weren’t tired at the end of the day, then you didn’t work hard enough. The early years of Dixie saw newspapers and postcards. When Ben bought the business, he and Cynthia, his wife & Mac’s daughter, decided to carve their own path. They began to expand the existing postcard, guidebook, and map inventory and added souvenir related items. He turned suppliers into family friends, building his product lines and creating artwork specializing in Savannah. In the nineties, he had the idea to collage historic houses and icons of the city into one view. This would become our classic signature series, one we still use today. Cynthia has always had a keen eye for detail. Knowing this trait, Ben would have Cynthia proof every item, checking every word before any product was approved. This lead to the business winning the best book category for the Romantic View table book. Both the soft and hard copy are still in production and one of the top sellers. Ben has been in business for over thirty years, and the credit to his success is obvious. In working with his father, from a young age he put in long hours. He learned business skills to help assist his father; customer service and salesmanship. He developed a fire for self-success and always took a difficult road instead of it being handed to him. All of this translated into being an entrepreneur, having what it took to completely transform a small newspaper business and turn it into a successful souvenir business. Ben takes pride to ensure his customers get delivery as soon as possible. No matter how big his inventory has grown, he has kept his same hometown values and standards. He relies on pen and paper over a computer, and rather have a coke and hamburger for lunch so he can get back to work quickly. Customers’ needs comes first, because he cares. Their success translates into his success, but more importantly, their happiness translate into friendship. It is safe to say that Ben doesn’t have customers, he has friends who own gift shops in Savannah. That alone speaks volumes to his character and why people smile when this tall man in the boat shoes comes strolling in with his dolly. Thank you for supporting our small family business, giving us so many years to be thankful for. We look forward to continue upholding our same values and standards while making you smile.

  • Into the Map Design

    WITHIN my family, I’m the person who is always looking for the next big adventure. My son and I love staying in tiny houses when we travel, doing our best to immerse ourselves in whatever city we are visiting. We love to browse local shops and find just the right memory to bring home with us. Usually, we like for our bought goods to be useful, purposeful, and really capture our experience we had on that trip. After a couple of years building Giftware by Dixie, I truly wanted a new adventure for our business. A line unlike any other that my dad has done in the last thirty years. Thoughts of how to capture our city with her unusual square layout and historic icons ran through my head, finally landing on an illustrated map design. I spent the next five years, using a poster board and printouts of icons that I thought captured the essence of our city, working with various artists trying to get the design perfect. After many “that’s not it” and “I give up” thoughts, we finally landed on the map design you see today. Savannah is whimsical. She is filled with every walk of people, encouraged to pursue their dream of working with art or opening their own restaurant. We have dive bars, upscale lounges, mom and pop cafés, as we have also some of the best shopping. Savannah is a destination not only for tourists or weekenders, but for locals alike. She gently greets anyone under her vast oaks and fills them with her history and ability to transform to modern day desires. All of this played into my mind when designing this collection. I wanted the items to be beautiful, purposeful, and useful. My desire to blur the line between gifts for locals and memories for guests shines in this artwork, really making a mark unlike anything we’ve made before. I hope the map collection fills your home and makes you smile. There is truly blood, sweat, and tears that went into making this design laced with hope, laughter, and fond memories. These are items my son and I would want to buy if we did a weekend tiny house stay in Savannah, and gifts we curate for teachers and guests.

  • The History of Dixie: Since 1947

    “We pride ourselves by keeping business as close to how it was when Grandaddy started it all. We box each order ourselves and love visiting with customers when delivering. When you call, you will either talk to me or my father, making the term “family owned & operated” a real motto.” My grandfather started Dixie News Company way back in 1947. When he moved here from Atlanta, he actually was a resident at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, making the Wilkes long time family friends. Grandaddy saw the city change so much in his years of business, and eventually ditched the newspapers and began adding postcards, guidebooks, and maps to his inventory. When my father took over in 1987, he built the small inventory that Grandaddy had into a full souvenir business. Growing up, Georgia History projects were always filled with items from our stock, which impressed my teachers. After years of working under dad, I decided it was time to work beside him, sparking the idea of my own line of giftware. Giftware by Dixie makes me the third generation in our family-owned business, and first female owner. My youthful take on Savannah is seen throughout all artwork, and has really been adored by the public. The forth generation, my son McKay, is already chomping at the bit to get on board. He can be seen during the summer months riding shotgun in the delivery van. Luke E. McDade, known lovingly as “Mac”, was born in Rock Hill, SC. He moved to Atlanta and later to Savannah. When he spotted my grandmother, there was no going back for him. They married and had two little girls, the youngest being my mother. He had Scotch-Irish roots, yet I never caught him having a drink. Grandaddy was a hardworking man. He stated that his wife should always drive a Cadillac, and held that true until the day he died. Even now grandma refuses to drive any other car. He was a social man, always attending events with grandma and traveling the world with her. I would attend their monthly get-togethers at the Bamboo Farm, and grandaddy was always dressed to whatever theme was the night’s desire. His usual dress attire was slacks, a button down, and an Irish flat cap. He loved hats and would collect one at every location they traveled. When he passed, the entire garage was filled to the ceiling with hats tacked on the walls. My favorite was always the Husky shaped hat from Alaska. Throughout my whole life, I never caught him in a tee-shirt and jeans. Nor did I ever hug him and not smell cologne. My earliest childhood memory was of him on his dock fishing. He loved the water and had a boat until his last days. In his later years, he was stubborn and would venture out in his boat. He would stay gone so long that grandma would have to call the Coast Guard, because he was a man of his time and would never own a cell phone. The man was diabetic, but never let that stop him from sneaking sweet treats behind his wife’s back. When she would catch up and begin to explain in frustration as to why this was bad, he would switch off his hearing aide and continue to munch on his cake! He had a valid drivers license until he was 94 and was too prideful to ask anyone for anything. Grandaddy passed in 2008, leaving behind a strong family, a business that his son-in-law (my dad) expanded beyond his dreams, and a reputation as hard as stone. He was a man of business, determination, love, and hard work. He was a man who preferred to do everything by hand, and everything himself. He was sharp in mind and in style, and praised the Lord every Sunday, leading a men’s Sunday School. In his years on earth, he built a family unit that men of his time strived for. I owe everything I have and do to him. When my son, McKay, reaches the age of wanting a nickname, his will be Mac, after his great-grandfather.

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  • Savannah Midnight Collection | The Dixie Market

    INTRACOASTAL COLLECTION WATERWAYS OF THE LOWCOUNTRY Intracoastal Mug & Spoon Price $16.00 Intracoastal Fiberboard Magnet Price $6.00 Intracoastal Shooter Price $7.00 Intracoastal Baseball Price $14.00 Intracoastal Can Cooler Price $5.00 Intracoastal Bottle Cooler Price $8.00 Intracoastal Shot Price $10.00 Intracoastal Mug Price $16.00

  • Roaming Savannah Collection | The Dixie Market

    ROAMING SAVANNAH TAKE A STROLL COLLECTING STICKERS Coming Soon! Roaming Savannah Decal Price $4.00 Roaming Savannah Stamped Magnet Price $5.00 Roaming Savannah Cool-Z Can Price $5.00 Roaming Savannah Puzzle Price $20.00 Roaming Savannah Playing Cards Price $5.00

  • The Dixie Market | Giftware by Dixie & Dixie Postcards

    SHOP a savannah family heirloom Traditional and eclectic, Dixie is a gentle mix between was and is. A father's eye for classic souvenirs gently complemented by a daughter's desire for artful gifts, there is an assortment to offer all. It's about capturing our city in her best light from all sides. Dixie Postcards (owned by Ben) and Giftware by Dixie (owned by Amanda) are both featured together for the first time. ​ Whether it's the collection of illustrated map items, line art minimalist skyline, moonshine whimsy, or classic tabletop books, there is a simply quality of heirloom elegance. Started by Amanda's grandfather in 1947, the business has endured many growths, pivots, and steps both forward and back. Now, we offer all of our very best to you in our online market. Our stockist handle the downtown scene and can be found on our site. We encourage you to visit these local gems while visiting Savannah. Located in the heart of Savannah, Dixie is nestled on a private acre with a chicken coop or two, two houses steeped in family history turned into office space, and an always moving faux owl to warn away chicken hawks. It's a place to see and visit, however long you have. Come for a cup of coffee, to see products in person, or simply chase Andy Griffith, our rooster. ​ OUR HISTORY Quick View License Plate Stamped Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Map Stamped Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Hearth Mug Price $20.00 Quick View Hostess City Decal Price $3.00 Quick View License Plate Stamped Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Map Stamped Ornament Price $9.00 Quick View Hearth Mug Price $20.00 Quick View Hostess City Decal Price $3.00 New! READ NOW SHOP SHOP SHOP DIXIE POSTCARDS SHOP GIFTWARE BY DIXIE SHOP TYBEE ISLAND COLLECTION

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